Chilled out social events for freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

3 regular events


Have a good beer

A bi-monthly beer to catch-up and shoot the breeze.

Good for:

  • Newbies to get introduced
  • Relaxation and fun


A bi-monthly lunch to get out of the office, wherever that office may be.

Good for:

  • Taking a break
  • Hunger
  • Networking

Up your game

A bi-monthly games evening including board games, card games and more.

Good for:

  • Relaxation and fun
  • Creative blocks

So when?

Up your game occurs on the second Friday every other month

Luncheon occurs on the third Friday every other month

Have a good beer occurs on the fourth Friday every other month


Founded by Jessica Lovegood

Web and user experience consultant based in Milton Keynes.


Sponsored by be braver.

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